Email with activation code not being sent

I went through all the correct steps to download the free Cubase LE and associated software. I’ve been through the registration process several times but have received no email with activation code for Cubase LE. I’ve checked Inbox, Spam and deleted email folders.
I received the initial message to confirm my email, so the correct address is in your system.
Can this be looked into please?

Thank you

Hi and welcome on the forum,

This is user forum. With this question I would recommend to rise official support question.

Thanks Martin - I will do that

This is quite common problem from what I can see.
Go to your Steinberg account page and you should find all you need there.
Both, your download code as well as your activation code.

Thanks Rudal. However, I went to My Steinberg account but it show nothing under the Software tab, while under eLicenses it says “No products found on this eLicenser”. There is no sign of the activation code nor the download code, though I did receive that initially by email.

Ive found the same issue with the try before you buy for 30 days. I clicked the link and it went through to GET READY message, Ive been ready now for 24 hours and searched high and low (spam folders included) for the download and activation link to be emailed to me . . . . . but as yet its a no show!

What is the time frame I need to be ready? I only have a couple of issues I need to be sure of prior to purchase and thought by now Id have been there done all that, and purchased . . . . ? But…

@marthuck01 , Cubase LE is not a free software by itself. It comes bundled with hardware and with an activation code or a Download Access Code in the box. Setting up a MySteinberg account and downloading Cubase LE won’t be sufficient. Do you have a hardware that Cubase LE came bundled with?

Thanks for your interest, @CarlDNA. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be the same issue.
Which trial exactly did you register for?

Thanks Ed - that is the conclusion I’ve been coming to. I haven’t bought anything that has Cubase LE bundled with it but just followed up a Google search for free DAW software. The same requirement seems to apply to other packages often bundled free with music recording hardware, such as ProTools First and Ableton Lite.
It does seem odd that one can get so far along the process without being made aware of the necessity of a purchase of some sort - still I know now, and don’t need to waste any more time on the issue!
Cheers, Martin

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