Emails problem

Hello, I am facing a problem with receiving e-mail for any of Steinberg products. This problem I have faced since the beginning
In the event that I would like to try any product before buying it, I do not receive any mail with download access code. I changed my country in my profile and made several attempts, I do not receive also any mail. I even dismissed some products because I could not try them
And now I would like to download Io fi piano also I did not receive any mail even in the spam,junk mail
only i received mails If I buy anything from Steinberg, If I want to download something free or try something, I do not receive any mail. I have not encountered this problem with any company.

What’s the solution ?

I have the same issue. Did you find any solution?

Right now, the problem might be the time of year, e.g. limited server bandwidth, staff shortages.

i have this problem from 2 years before i want try to download free trial product

I was trying to try out some softwares before I bought it
I did not receive any mail and since then I have not cared much
But now I need to try before buying and I need to download free stuff

The strange thing is that the moderator moved the topic and did not even respond to me, or even try to explore the problem