Embarrassed to ask about updating Cubase Pro 9.5

Until now, I’ve always assumed that If I’ve updated Cubase Pro to the latest version everything inside Cubase is updated accordingly. I recently updated Cubase Pro 9.5 to the latest version, 9.5.20. (Successfully, no issues. It, and my UR824, get along just fine.)

This may be the dumbest question of the week, but I have to ask it.

The Question:
Do I also have to manually update Groove Agent SE and Retrologue, or are their updates/fixes already included in the Cubase Pro 9.5.20 update?

The announcement of March 8th seems to imply that they exist as separate entities:


The reason I ask is that neither Groove Agent nor Retrologue show up in the Steinberg Download Assistant application on my Mac. Only Cubase 9.5 does. Nor do they seem to exist as separate applications with their own “version” numbers anywhere I can see. (I have no idea how to tell what version number each individual tool inside Cubase has. I shouldn’t have to care if Cubase manages them all.)

Thanks for any clarification you can provide on The Question!


The Groove Agent SE and Retrologue 2 updates are for MacOS only like the page says, and have to be downloaded separately.

EDIT: Disregard that.

You can download the updates for ALL Steinberg products here:

The updates can also be found on the page you just linked to.

Please clarify a bit more…

The version history (page 6) seems to imply that HHSE, Retrologue & GASE would be upgraded concurrently with CB 9.5.20. So I did not download/install any of those upgrades as I thought they were included with 9.5.20.

Consequently I never checked the version #s after the CB upgrade and I won’t have access to my PC until tomorrow to check. Thanks :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Are you on Mac OS? Your signature seems to imply you´re on windows…

Thanks so much for the quick reply!

Just so I’m crystal clear on this Romantique TP, are you saying that I must manually update Groove Agent SE and Retrologue BECAUSE their updates/fixes WERE NOT included in the Cubase Pro 9.5.20 update for the Mac OS?

I’m not trying to be thick here. I’m just very hesitant to pile on anything that may have already happened in the Cubase Pro 9.5.20 update. It’s working great and I’d like that to continue. :wink:

Thanks for your kind advice!


Sorry, it looks like the Cubase 9.5.20 update is supposed to include the plugin updates too. You can check by loading the plugins and clicking their logos.

Cool! Thanks!

I love it when the solution to any current issue is “Do nothing. You’ve already fixed it.”

And thanks for the tip on seeing what the installed version numbers are. Apparently I already have Retrologue installed!


I’m running Windows. I just wanted to have the answer reviewed again so it is clear in the forum if the VSTs associated with the applicable OS were updated concurrent with 9.5.20 or not. Romantique TP has done that. Thanks.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Well, I’m on windows and I can tell you that I updated to Cubase 9.5.20 as soon as it was available and it hasn’t updated Groove Agent SE to the latest version (4.2.40). It’s still on 4.2.30. I’m not at my studio and haven’t checked Retrologue yet. The news item implies that it should only be done separately for MAC but apparently this is not the case? If I go to the download section I can see the updates available. Steinberg could be a little more clearer on things like this because I was also under the impression it wasn’t necessary to do this separately?

Interesting… I too updated to CB 9.5.20 Pro as soon as it was available and today I checked my versions and am also a bit confused for what are the latest because version #s and dates do not exactly match what is listed on the software download page.

Again, running Windows 10 here:

  • My HHSE: shows (Dec 14.2017), Version history on the download page shows 3.1.0 (Jan 25, 2018)

  • My Retrologue2: shows (Oct 24, 2106), version/date not listed on the download page

  • My GASE4: shows (Apr 10, 2017). Version history on the download page shows 4.2.40 (Aug 1, 2017)

I really don’t remember but, it is very possible that I previously updated some of these separately from the download page at some point before the 9.5.20.

Later today I will download and install these (3) from the download page and see what changes and report back. Just hope these don’t get updated to an older version.

Clear as mud… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I think NORMALLY the included VST instruments are updated with Cubase (I have seen Retrologue and HSSE updates before with the Cubase update installer) but maybe they just missed them this time. Or, maybe they discovered something right after they released a Cubase update and decided to just issue instrument updates individually.

The dates shown by the software are the build dates… Everything must be tested before being released.

Just fyi…

I reinstalled HSSE, Retrologue 2, & GASE4 (Windows versions) from the files available on the download page. The version #s and dates as shown when clicking on the name in the VST plugin window are the same as what was listed for me after I updated to CB 9.5.20. I don’t know what they were before updating to CB 9.5.20.

So, these are the latest versions available for us and if yours does not show these #s then you may want to download/install from the download page.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot for this, Prock! Will check my system later today.