Embed comments and notes - also scalable fonts

As a very busy writer who uses C10 to ‘think’ and develop ideas, I would love to see Cubase with a Ádd Note’ function similar to Excel. Imagine being able to attach flags (of any size) to any audio or MIDI clip on the timeline, which moves with the clip if it gets copied or moved. When I have just spent a few hours brainstorming musical ideas, and then start the next phase of sifting through all the recordings for bits to keep, this feature would allow me to pin my thoughts to an exact spot on each clip. this means I can also revise and review previous projects and never loose a good idea! EVEN BETTER - if those notes could be hyperlinked / Time-stamped / identifiable by differnt users

Also, not a kid any more!
Some of those microscopic fonts on the markers and other areas of Cubase need to be bigger/bolder! Many of us have grown up to the point that we can’t remember when we started using glasses, but I wonder all the time if the world of software design is the exclusive domain of freshly minted graduates?

If Steinberg would like to pacify their older users, how about some provision for making their products more visable?