Embertone Intimate Solo Strings expression map

Has anybody created one? If not, having just purchased the bundle, I guess I better learn.

I don’t recall seeing expression maps for the Intimate Solo Strings, but there is one for Embertone’s Joshua Bell Violin, linked below. Since they are both from Embertone, the Bell Violin might offer some insight into how to get started.

Embertone Joshua Bell Expression Map

Thanks @wonner I found that one. It’s a useful and educational starting point. The Solo Strings are slightly different, but it has indeed given me a starting push.

Making some progress, but the Embertone violins seem very unresponsive to dynamic level changes. There seem to be a dozen factors here, the Dorico dynamic curve, and the (to me at this stage) complex way the Friedlander violin sets up dyamics and attack.

Feeling quite lonely with this library - there does not appear to be a support forum for Embertone, and searches on the Dorico and Cubase forums lead to very few results. Would like some Enbertone friends!

Have you checked on YouTube? I recall seeing one or more videos regarding making expression maps in Dorico. Search for “Dorico expression maps”, or perhaps “Cubase expression maps” since they are both Steinberg products.

Regarding Embertone support, in my experience they will answer but are very slow.

Good luck on your journey.

I saw a good video from Dorico. And now that I have dug in to it, I comprehend the concepts and I am going fine, In another topic I asked about dynamics as I could not get that working but now all is going.

Due to different pitch ranges and because the separate instruments in the Solo Strings library were made over several years, they are somewhat inconsistent with the CC channels,. So I have made three maps, Embertone Violin, Embertone Viola, and Embertone Cello which is all I need for string quartets, I am going very nicely on these - and they do work really great with this library in Dorico so I will publish here when done.

Is there actually anybody in the community using Embertone Intimate Solo Strings library?

I know developing expression maps for VSTs is difficult, but I am at the point where violin slurs just sound dreadful. And turning on the ‘true legato’ makes some sort of weird inegales effect.

In short, I am struggling.