Embracer.dll + Monologue.dll


I own Cubase 8 Pro (64bit installed) and I found out that it does not have Embracer or Monologue VTS’s. That they been last used in 6.5 version. Is it possible anyone could give me these DLLs?

It’s ok that they are 32bit, hope VSTbridge will let them work. I have read on this forum that I would need “Synth” folder inside Cubase 6 with following files:
Same goes for Monologue files.

I just think these synths, are really awesome.

Thanks a lot in advance! :wink:

Do you have Cubase 6.5? You can just copy the files from there.
They are in the Steinberg\Cubase 6\VSTPlugins\Synth folder…

Yeah that’s the thing, I only owe Cubase 8, never owned any version of Cubase. Just used to work with it in one company back in the day. So yeah, don’t have a download link for it in my downloads. Unless it’s possible to download a trial version, which I have not found there either.

They used to be on the FTP server. I do see Cubase 6 trial on there. It is a .dmg though… You could ask support for a copy of Cubase 6.

It’s included in Cubase SX 3 Here you go:


Thanks for the reply! Got it!

I think Embracer and Monologue are great too!

I’m using Cubase 10 which won’t accept 32bit plugins - so won’t load Monologue or Embracer. Any idea if Cubase have made equivalent plugins for the new Cubase 10 compatible Halion software?