Embracer + Monologue .dll files can someone upload

Hi guys, so I have formatted my pc and now reinstalling everything (fun times), I had previously updated from 6.5 to 7 and had both versions on my pc, so I read the forum and copy and pasted the dlls from 6.5 to 7 and both embracer and monologue worked fine.

Now however, I have directly installed 7 and don’t have access to other versions to copy and paste the dll’s. I had a look and cant find them on here or on the net, can someone please upload them for me?


Check this link.

Great link many thanks. I bought the synthezizers set collection and it asks for Halion one to use it. Is there a link to the 64bit dll of Halion one anywhere too?

Seconded, great link. I didn’t know there was a 64 bit Monologue, where have I been :slight_smile:

Really missed that synth and now I’ve got it again. So simple and straight forward which is, more often than not, exactly I what want for basses.

There is no Halion One 64Bit version … SB never made a 64Bit version of this synth.

Oh, I thought there was a windows version?

I downloaded this file and the Embracer and Monologue that are in it are still 32 bit. They are showing up in plug-in information as 32 bit and showing the bridged symbol on the VST lists. I did make sure to remove the old ones first…
I thought it would be strange for a 64 bit version to exist and them not to include it. It has me puzzled…

Maybe the 64-bit reference in the filename is for Cubase?

Well yeah! The rar file says: “Embracer_Monologue6.5.1_64bit.zip”. Can’t think why Steinberg would blatantly mislead like that…

But either way, I loaded the DLLs into my vst folder and they work fine. I’ve even been working on a project with Monologue. Great basses IMO. Still, it’s p!ss poor to describe the file as 64 bit if it actually isn’t. That’s just wrong :frowning:

Hi. I have the same problem as the described above. The above link is not working anymore (brings up an error message). Can someone please repost the file Embracer_Monologue6.5.1_64bit.zip ? That would be very helpful.
Thanks, thebase

What am I having om my computer then? I also bought the Synthesizers - VST Sound Instrument Set for Halion One
and the friendly people from Steinberg support send me a link to download the Halion One 64-bit VST plugin.

Great sounds and midi loops.

Hey guys - just replace my main puter and reinstalled my Cubendo and do not have the MONOLOGUE .dll. The link above is dead - does anyone have the .dll - that is the only synth I have used from their set (as mentioned so good for Bass). Thanks in advance.

Haven’t checked here in a long time: ftp://support.steinberg.de/ (or ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/ if there is a difference)