Embracer, Monologue & Tonic updates on Mac?

I was just wondering if there are any plans to update the Embracer, Monologue and Tonic plug-ins to be Intel-based and/or 64-bit on the Mac. I really like the 64-bit memory capabilities and think it’s a shame that these plugins no longer work in this mode. It’s like you either have to choose one benefit, or the other… not the best situation. Not only that, but I believe Rosetta is going to cease to be supported in Mac OS 10.7. So will these be getting proper Mac updates? Hmmmm? :slight_smile:

Aloha c,

So will these be getting proper Mac updates?

IMHO no.
I think SB is done with those guys.

10.7 (Lion) will probably be the last nail in the coffin.

Too bad. I like using them.

I use Embracer a lot, but I’m searching for a substitute that is ‘lightly’ on the system…

If you look at the product pages for instruments included in Cubase 6 though, they’re all listed:-


So, it would be good to get 64 bit Mac versions :slight_smile:

Exactly. It’s kind of bad when two of the top features of a new release (64-bit and included virtual instruments) aren’t compatible with each other…

Aloha guys,
I also use Embracer quite a bit but I am noticing that it has
been getting more and more problematic with each new version of Cubase.

And because I cannot depend on it loading with consistency,
I cannot trust it in a live situation.

Even today with C6.
I can create a new song using Embracer.
Save the song, quit C6 and try and open the song and many times nada.
The song will not open until the Embracer plug is removed.

Does not happen each time but is happening more and more.

Altho’ I have not found a pattern, it also seems to have something
to do with what other plugs are being used and in what order they are loaded.

But this also happens with songs that use only Steinberg plugs (VST Collection)

As much as I love it, Embracer seems to be older tech with some probs
so I’m trying to ‘move on’.