Embracer VST versus Cubase 8 Elements


I’ve just got Cubase 8 Elements in 64 bits installation.
All my 32 bits VST instruments have been copied into a new folder, that I’ve linked with my Cubase 8 Elements 64 bits installation.

Most of the VST have been correctly recognized but not Embracer…

My previous Cubase installation was Cubase SX 5.1 so I tried to find any Embracer installation into it but can’t find it.
I also tried to find it in my Cubase 8 Elements installation files but unable to find it.

I’ve also tried to use JBridger by selecting the embracer.dll file but the program seems to be unable to convert it.

On Cubase 8 documentation, I’ve read that VST 3 weren’t compatible with Cubase 8 but my Embracer is a VST 2.

For information, I’ve kept my previous Cubase SX 5.1 installation on my computer as I still need to use Embracer.

Is there any way to get Embracer VST into Cubase 8 ?

Many thanks !!!

UP !!!
Anyone for some help please ?!

Did this ever get resolved ?
I’m trying to find a way now as I realise how good Embracer is