Is there a way to JBridge Embracer from my old Cubase 5 ?


I use C8 to render in place, but it’s awkward if I want to make changes. Same with Virtual Guitar and other 32bit plugins. You could export to an audio file and import to 9.5 with that limitation. Sometimes leaving the channel frozen is an option.

The lack of appreciation of the importance of backward compatibility (for those working for a long time in the business) is lamentable. I have been in this business since way before Pro 24 days and on Cubase / PC for 20 years and I can’t even open projects from two years ago without a lot of juggling. Dropping 32bit support was a disaster and relying on JBridge is only halfway a solution.

I think that’s what i’ll do as it’s usually one or 2 tracks of strings.
Embracer is the only strings that seem to sit in a mix easily.
They just sound nice.