Has EMBRACER been discontinued from C8.??

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No, but it doesn’t install automatically,. I went into my previous versions install (although the last version that installed it was 6 I think) and checked where it was and copied the dll to the same place in the C8 directory, can’t remember where it was and I’m not in studio atm.

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Many thanks Dave. It worked !!! Can the same be done with all missing 3rd party plugins like Melodyne editor. BFD2 etc.
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No, but you could try creating a path to the folder(s) containing the dll’s.
Providing of course they are 64bit versions. Surely thought the BFD2 would have been installed in the shared vstplugins folder? Anyway you probably need to check your paths in Plugin Manager.

BFD 2 and grooves are installed into Cubase pro8 but the kits are not available although their data paths are listed.
I have contacted Fxpansion. Thanx for your help Dave.

Aloha guys and WOW!

I have always looooved Embracer.

Anyone know how to do this on a Mac?
And do I have to run a 32 bit bridge to make this happen?

A MAJOR TIA to you guys.


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Glad you sorted it Lucia, and Curteye I totally agree, (but I’m on Windows so, sorry I don’t know I’m sure someone does though), It’s often a goto when I’m needing some paddy things, or even stringy stuff even though I have the orchestral toys, maybe it’s to do with the simplicity of the controls. I often think that having controls over every minute detail (as many admittedly brilliant plugins do) is a distraction rather than an advantage.

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The great Embracer is a 32-bit VSTi and won’t be developed any further, however if you can get the DLL from an older installation it will continue to work, at least on Windows. The last version of Cubase I tested this with was Cubase 7x64 (initial release) and on Windows 7x64 the bridging worked flawlessly. In the meantime however I’ve weaned myself off Embracer and have been able to do much of what I need with Retrologue … so I’d strongly recommend exploring Retrologue to any die-hard Embracer fans out there, despite the emotional stress of having to say goodbye to such an old friend.

Embracer works great in CP8 and so does Monologue, which I also have. I don’t know if they implement bit bridge but they just work without problems. I grabbed mine from a link someone posted on this forum ages ago but for the life of me I cannot find it now, but someone has it.

Below is a link I have found to some other Legacy Cubase plug-in, including VB-1. But that’s all I can find for now, sorry.