Empty Ambisonics Export

I wonder what I’m doing wrong or if it is (again) related to the poor performance of my laptop?
I’m using Nuendo 12 image
The Stereo downmix of my Ambisonics test is just an empty wave file:
(with the export title “L/R from Surround” it would be correct as there is no surround sound…)


If I’m using the Split channels, I get 16 files with audio data…
The Studio Setup is with 3rd Order Ambisonics as Main Mix (only) and no HW connection

as I’m using this time the headphones for monitoring.

But result is same if I’m using real HW connected 16 channels…
The project is simple and set-up with Ambisonics

How can I get an ambisonics playable file?

I’m actually surprised that you got that far, since Ambisonic bussing is broken in N12 and result in immediate crashes on macOS. In any case, the empty Wave file could certainly be explained by the same bug.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any topic about this crashing issue in the forum nor within Steinberg (but I haven’t searched deeply). So, I’ll comment here:

It is basically the same with Win…:frowning:
But there is a simple workaround for it:
Don’t start the typical way with adding tracks, grouping, routing, etc.
You must think first how your Project shall be set-up and then work down the settings and arrangement from the end to the start. Like Output definition → group definition → track definition
If you change the grouping, routing later on, the likelihood for a crash is nearly 100% without being able to load the project again (PC is crashing immediately again).
But you can recover some of your previous work by re-loading tracks from a back-up version of your work. So you have at least the automation of your tracks back again…
Hope this helps you a bit further :crossed_fingers: :musical_note:

Ambsonic bussing bug solved with 12.0.30 release.

Haven’t recognized this release…
So I’ll check tomorrow…
I’ve updated the version which results in problems when opening the previous projects…
But it’s the same solution when creating a new project and importing the base tracks with automation from the previous project.
Details in routing modification I haven’t checked.
The empty output file is still unchanged, so an unsolved bug…

Just to close my own question and to avoid (further) confusion.
The wav Stereo mixdown from Quadro is of course empty, as there is no Quadro bus inside the project.
To make it correct working:
Use Ambisonics Bus (x-Order) as main bus and export it as interleaved wave file.
Then you’ll get the correct ambisonics file (1 wav file with inlcuded 16 channels, in case of 3rd order).
Therefore this topic is set to solved.

Nevertheless, the quality of the 3D image is still the same:
AnymixPro (included in Nuendo 12) is much better in Headphone 3D image than the 3rd order Ambisonics… (I’m using the AXR4U Audio-I/F from Steinberg, instead of the PC Audio-I/F)
Maybe I shall start a new topic to discuss the 3D image quality…