Empty bar layout isssue

Hi, I have this strange thing happening when an empty bar becomes too narrow.

The music looks OK when the last bar has a note in it extending the length of the last eight note in the previous bar).
But the desired length of the last note is an eight note. So when I break the tie (“U”) and delete the quarter note in the last bar, the bar becomes “shrank”.
This is the desired music when the last bar has no notes:

I tried to reset the layout in engrave mode and also reset fixed 4 bars per system in Layout Options.

Nothing helped. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Thanks in advance for your help!

It’s not a bug, but a feature you don’t need here. It looks like the last note has the property ‘Ends voice’ set, which in the absence of other voices makes the last bar totally empty. Select the last note, look in the properties panel at the bottom and switch this property off. Dorico will then add the implicit bar rest.


Thank you Peter,

The property ‘Ends voice’ was switched off, but toggling the 'V" for voices, has helped me to find and fix it. I deleted the unnecessary voices and rests and it did it.

Heel erg bedankt!

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