Empty bar rests disappeared

I deleted some bars from a score, all fine, but some parts are now missing their empty bar rest. This is causing 5mm-wide empty bars to appear in parts.



How can I make Dorico put the empty bar rests back in where they should be? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you.

Invoke the caret at the beginning of such bar, shift-b, rest, enter.

Thanks for the tip Marc. Much appreciated.

I tried this, but it has no effect. No (semibreve) rest is entered. Not sure why you’re invoking Shift-B (barline) tool.

I think this may have something to do with the presence of acciaccaturas which might be confusing Dorico.

Lillie might have proposed a solution here:

In my case neither ‘Starts voice’ nor ‘Ends voice’ is switched on, whichever note is selected.

If I delete the acciaccaturas, the bar they are in still stays empty with no empty bar rest showing.

I guess this may be a bug, on the basis that Dorico cannot deal with the paradox that an otherwise ‘empty’ bar can contain an up-beat acciaccatura. :worried:

Maybe share the project or a cut-down version of it that contains this section.

The lack of horizontal spacing in the part suggests rests are missing (because Dorico has nothing to space).

File size is 5.3MB which is too big to upload (4MB limit). This is after I have deleted all instruments which don’t show the issue. Not sure how to make the file smaller still, so that I can upload it to the forum Lillie.

If you have a playback template assigned, switch to the Silence playback template and in the cut-down version of the file (not your original!) delete the rest of the flow that’s not the affected bar and a few on either side, i.e. up to the previous/next bars with notes for these parts.

I think that if I move the acciaccatura to fall on the beat (not musically what’s needed here), then that might cure the problem.

Ah yes:
Play>Playback template>Silence

empty_bar_rests_missing.dorico (438.5 KB)

The bar rests in the first bar of B, ie the bar before the empty bars, are explicit rests with the Ends voice property set. You can see this by showing rest colors.

Select those bar rests and press Delete to turn them into implicit rests. The bar rests in the following bar should reappear, because the Ends voice property can’t be set on implicit rests.

In general, missing rests or very narrowly spaced bars (like in the part) will be a result of rests being suppressed somewhere, somehow. Showing rest colors and looking for the Starts/Ends voice properties are how you can identify what’s causing that in future.

Oooh - Thank you for helping me out again Lillie. I can’t thank you enough.

I tried this and it worked. :grinning:

To summarize for anyone reading this thread:

  1. View>Note & Rest Colours>Implicit Rests
  2. Click on black (explicit) rest bar before empty bar
  3. Hit delete (gently)
  4. Missing empty bar rest becomes visible.

This is not due to acciaccaturas in otherwise empty bars, but due to the presence of explicit rests which may have come from an XML file.

You’re welcome.

For your own information as well, this is why Marc was suggesting inputting a bar rest using the bars and barlines popover. It would also have worked, if you weren’t able to identify which note/rest was causing the rest suppression.

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The above cures the problem, however in a grand staff (treble and bass for one player) there is still a full-bar rest missing despite the rest in the previous bar being implicit (grey). Viz:


So send a Dorico file file containing that problem, please.

When the rests are implicit, it’s probably the last note that has the “ends voice at end of bar” property.

Thanks Mark, I’ll check this.

If you look carefully in the barlines and bars panel, you’ll see that bar rests are there and the command to input them (especially in a voice that has not been used yet) is what I described :wink:

Solution: select the rests from bar-3, hit r, to repeat the rest.