Empty bars shift-b rest

As I orchestrate a vocal score imported via MusicXML, and therefore doing a lot of copying, pasting, reducing, exploding and the like, I’m continually having to show bar rests using Shift-B>rest. This is no great imposition (though it’s not confined to bar rests: I’ve just had to temporarily shorten a tied note which left a minim ‘gap’ to make room for the command at the start of the bar), but I’m curious to know whether this behaviour - where empty bars appear where there were bar rests before the paste operation - is confined to MusicXML imports, and am wondering what is the exact operation I’m using that creates it. It seems to happen most often when I change a pasted downstem note into an upstem note in the same voice.

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Many thanks for the explanation, Lillie, and to you, Leo, for your solution.

For next time, it might be worth going to Preferences > MusicXML Import, scrolling down to the Rests section and unticking the Rest Visibility setting. I’m pretty sure that this controls the behaviour.

Oh wow, that’s a game-changer. Thanks so much.