Empty bars the 2. :)

While creating the Cluster piece in pic Dorico did sth automatically in the beginning of the piece what I was looking for at the end of the other.
My question ist why this is possible here and not in the other subject?
D started displaying the strings and piano systems… (ok nit right where they beginn but at least) short before the start to play, but not from the beginning, which for me makes the overview easier to read and uses less empty paper.

So somehow here it is recognized and enabled what I was looking for.

What was the rules than at the end of the other piece?

I attached both pics again.


This looks like “hiding empty staves” is set to “all systems” (similar to what I and others described in your last thread; in the project I emailed back to you, I enabled “hiding empty staves” “after the first system” so those empty staves at the end were hidden - perhaps take a look at the layout options set for that one and now this new project and compare them. if you’re still not sure after having a look, post the project here - we can’t determine these sorts of settings from only pictures)

Hiding empty staves applies to systems, so even if an instrument only has notes at the very start or end of the system, their staves will appear for the whole system. Dorico doesn’t yet do “cut-away scores” as someone else mentioned on your last thread.

I do not know how it would affect the rest of the layout, but be forcing three measures rather than four in each of the first two systems, the ensemble could be moved to the start of the fourth system to evade the blank measures there. It may not be what is wanted, but it is one option.