Empty bass clef stave

Is there any way for me to have a lone piano bass clef stave in Dorico? I need the bottom range of a piano, but I don’t want to input another grand staff piano part.

Put in a regular grand staff piano (as a solo player), then, in Write mode, select the first test on the top staff, right click and go Staff > Remove Staff.

I tried that, but I do now see anything that says “Staff” on it. Not sure if this matters, but I have Elements.

*do not

Also, is there a way for me to put a gliss on one note in a two note cluster, rather than the gliss going to both notes?

Eek. I guess Elements doesn’t have that option. You’d either need to fudge it with one of the keyboard instruments that only has one stave (I think one of the synth/keyboard options may do this), then explicitly add a bass clef at bar 1.

As for glisses, it should be as simple as selecting the first notehead and typing Shift-O gliss Enter.

IIRC, Melodica is the only keyboard instrument with 1 staff.