Empty Instrument list

Dear reader,

With Dorico 4 the list was automatically filled with all the instruments.

I installed Dorico 5 too and when I load a sheet, the instrument list of Halion sonic 7 is empty.

see the screenshot.

Do I have a wrong setting or is it no longer possible, do I have to fill it in myself

thanks for your help


Have you applied a Playback Template?

Yup, that’s weird. I suppose that your Preferences > Playback > default playback template would be HSO +HSSE (Pro) in Dorico 4 and that this would transfer to Dorico 5. For some reason it appears it has not transferred (maybe because it’s HALion 7 now? But you wouldn’t be the first to complain about it.)
Anyways, as @Derrek suggested, make sure you fill that Preference with the factory playback template (or NotePerformer if you happen to own it) and the behavior of Dorico’s playback will come back as you were used to.