Empty "Load Program" window with no way to navigate out

A user in the German forum noticed a bug in the Retrologue. In the meantime I have noticed that the error also occurs with the Padshop2. I have not tested whether other plugins are also affected by the problem.
Where is the problem?
In certain cases it can happen that the “Load Program” window stays empty and that there does not seem to be a simple, normal way to solve the problem.

The empty “Load Program” window looks like this in the Retrologue:

There is no way to navigate out of this window because the arrow keys are grayed out
After restarting the plugin, even after restarting Cubase, the problem persists.

In the meantime I have found the cause of this problem.
The “Load Program” window accesses the folder path that is saved in the Defaults.xml file at the following location:

If a path is specified in the blue marked line that does not (or no longer) exists in the system, then the empty “Load Program” window is displayed, from which it is no longer possible to move out.

How can it happen that there is a non-existent path in the “Defaults.xml” file?
E.g. by manually deleting a user folder after shutting down Cubase.

In my opinion, the problem could be solved by asking in the program code of the plugin whether the folder actually exists before the window is opened.

Details can be found in this thread:
Retrologue - Presets nicht mehr im Retrologue selbst aufrufbar - Auf Deutsch / VST Instrumente - Steinberg Forums

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