Empty Macro Pages

New user here. What’s with these empty macro pages. There are a lot of them. Is editing ADSR still possible? I haven’t figured that out yet. Is this old sample data?

Should there be a HALion Sonic 6 Content folder anywhere? I see others but that one is missing.

Thanks y’all. The Steinberg support really lived up to my expectations.

This is primarily an user forum. Steinberg people read the forums and post occasionally, but if you’re looking for official support, you should contact them directly through your MySteinberg.

But yes, many instruments don’t have macro pages in Halion 6. These are the oldest instruments from Halion Sonic 1, and they show an edit page instead of a Macro page in Halion Sonic.

To edit them, click the Edit tab, then the Zone tab. The interface is extremely customizable, so you can move the Zone tab so you don’t need two clicks to access it if you want, or open it in a new window (check the buttons to the top left).

Okay thanks for the reply. I have been a Steinberg customer on and off over the years and for some reason I seem to recall a time when there was no support other than the local distributor and the forum. I guess that has changed. Thanks for the reply.