Empty measures in MusXML import

I may be using up my quota of questions for the day, but here goes:

Sometimes a measure is completely empty in an MusXML import because: it was empty in the original scan, and I failed to fill it with a whole measure rest before I converted it to a MusXML file.

Is there a quicker way to fill such measures with whole measure rests than to enter music in them and then erase it?

Check the properties of the last note before the empty bar - you will probably find it has the ends voice property set. Failing that find the next note after the empty bar and see if it has the starts voice set. Un-setting one of these should allow Dorico to infer the correct rest.

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Or: filter for all notes and remove that property

And if inspection doesn’t illuminate the situation, you can always input a bar rest manually into a specific voice using the bars popover.

Thank you for your assistance, @Janus @klafkid and @Mark_Johnson

The ends and starts properties were not set. But inputing the rest manually did the trick.