Empty midi track still plays

This is a very strange one, to me at least. Hopefully someone here has seen this before.

As the title suggests, I have a midi track for Superior Drummer 3 that plays drums for one bar, even though the track is empty! I’m sure it’s not another track somewhere since I solo’d the SD track and it still plays.

What’s happening here??



Ok. More strange midi things. I decided to simply delete the offending track to see if that got rid of the ghost drums. That worked fine so I created a new instrument track for Superior Drummer and proceeded to add drum beats. However, now at the very beginning of the track there are more ghost drums where there should be nothing. There’s certainly no midi to edit. What’s going on?

I don’t know Superior Drummer, but if it has an internal drum part editor maybe that’s whats playing. I know BFD3 works this way.

That was it, Raino! Thanks.

There is a playback section in Superior Drummer and there was a small 1-bar bit in there. Also, SD was slaved to Cubase so the part appeared to play at the same spot each time. Deleted! No more ghost drums.