empty percussion staff won't hide in score

Please see document in DropBox…here’s the link…

The “band score” in this document, on page 35, m268-273, is showing an empty vibraphone staff. The empty staff does not appear in the percussion 2 part.

How to get it to hide in the band score? Thank you!

Rebecca, do you want to hide the vibraphone staff only? I’m asking because I’ve taken a look at your file and I’ve noticed that there are more empty staves even on page 35. Anyway, the option ‘Hide Empty Staves’ on the Vertical Spacing Page of Layout Options is currently activated for the Percussion 2 part, but not for the Band Score. If you switch it on for the Band Score, Dorico hides all empty staves. Does that help you?

Thanks for taking a look! Actually, in the band score, I do want to only hide the vibes staff on pages 35 and 36. It is hidden on all the other pages of the band score except where there are notes on the vibes staff. (I don’t want to hide the other empty staves on the band score.) Thanks for asking for clarification.

I see. What if you allow empty staves to be hidden in the Band Score and exclude all players except for the vibraphone from Hide Empty Staves in the list below?

The question is, why is the vibes staff showing on pg 35, 36, but not elsewhere?

Very perplexing. I can’t seem to find why it is doing it, admittedly with little proficiency. I thought for sure you had some music, or something “hidden”, but turning on all of the sign posts reveals nothing. What I also find odd, is that the Vib. abbreviation does not appear on the pg 35, but does on pg 36. I would think this has to do with the player “holding” the 3 separate instruments, but it is beyond me other than that.

Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.


Try this version of the file:


I’ve ended up splitting the three instruments held by the Percussion 2 player to three separate players, and then fixing up the part layout. Take a look in Setup mode to see what I’ve done.