empty progress window- no response

after unmixing components SL7 stops responding sometimes and the little progress window on top (see screenshot) appears empty. I can not tell yet how to reproduce it exactly other than that it mostly seems to happen after finishing unmixing components. It happened like 3 times within one hour. But worked fine most of the time though. When it happens, the only command that SL7 keeps responding to is play/stop. Can’t quit, safe the project, solo/mute layers or anything. Force quit and project recovery working fine. The same kind of behavior I experienced with SL6 already, but there it randomly happened when using it as external editor in combination with other software… Just wanted to point that out. Besides that I’m very happy with this new version so far. Great new features! Cheers!

MacBook Pro 2018, OSX 10.14.6

same thing just happened again when it finished looking for similar sound events in the spectrum. Anybody else having this issue with empty progress window opening up after certain processes? I’m using a Fireface 800, if that’s relevant.


really weird, feels like as if its hanging on some system error message that I can’t see, cancel or click ok on. cmd “.” to cancel also not working. Keeps happening every now and then here and force quit is the only option. Any idea … anyone?

Should be fixed in the upcoming patch.