Empty regions when opening project on another pc

Hello everybody.
I have a project with 20 songs and used it on reharsals in my home studio with (almost… some video problems on early version of the app) no issues.
Each song has 1 stereo audio track, 1 mono click track, 1 video track , 1 lyrics track, tempo and signature tracks.
Project was saved on an external hdd.
If I open the same project from the same external hdd on another pc (the laptop I will use live), a few songs display empty regions (no waveform). I get no audio from those empty regions.
I’ve tryed to uninstall and reinstall the app, cleaned all user data but had no luck.
Is anybody having the same issue?

Thanks in advance.

In order to save a VST Live project with all of its assets (media files, MIDI/DMX data etc) please use the “Save Archive” function inside the File menu. It copies all assets and the project to a new folder of your choice.
Else you’d have to copy the folders (“audio” etc) manually. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your fast response.
I tried what you told but issue persists.
Project on my home studio desktop pc:

Project on my laptop with empty regions, no lyrics, no signature changes:

So you applied “Save Archive” on your home studio desktop pc to an external hdd.
Then opened the project that was saved from that very folder, or a copy of it (not the old project that you saved, right?) on your laptop, correct?

You need to open the project that was saved to the folder (or a copy of that folder) you selected when you applied “Save Archive”. That folder should have your audio files etc in it, no? Do you see “audio” with .wav files in it there?

Yes, I did apply “save archive” and opened the project from the folder the app created.
This folder contains audio, marker, signature, tempo and video sub folders.
The files that miss in the project are in the folders.

That’s weird. Could you do us a favour and send the archived project file, just the .vlprj file, nothing else needed, thanks!

Here it is:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, will have a look asap.

hmmm, I can’t find much wrong with it.
In your archived folder, ist there a file

audio/Gig/DALTANIUS un q.wav

If not - and as you said audio files are there - where is that file?
Just to be sure, the project file keeps relative file names, which means that said audio folder must be on the same level as the project file (.vlprj).


→ projec.vlprj
→ audio
->-> Gig
→ ->-> DALTANIUS un q.wav

the file “DALTANIUS un q.wav” is in audio/gig folder

That is where the project tries to find it, so it makes no sense that it is not playing.
Do all of your audio files have a space (blank) character in it? Are all audio files missing for playback, or only some?
It makes no sense. Given that you start the CLIST LIVEEE.vlprj file, and that the audio folder is in the same directory, it should just work.
If you want to follow up on this, it would be good if you could test a simple project with a short audio file (with a simple name), archive, and if you cannot open it from the archived folder, send the whole thing over. Sorry, no more ideas.

I renamed all files with no blank spaces and made a test project with one short song only on my desktop pc (intel processor).
1 stereo backing track, 1 click track and 1 video track.
I then archived project to the folder ’ TESTARCH’.
When I open the project on my laptop, regions are empty and no audio is coming from them.
If I manually re-import audio and video files and save, project works properly when re-opened.
I start thinking there’s someting wrong with the laptop’s… amd processor.
Other main difference between the two machines is the desktop one is loaded with tons of plugins from cubase 12, laptop has cubase 12 with only stock plugins on it.
I’m not using any plug-ins on VST Live projects.
I tried to upload the project folder but it’s more than the allowed 4mb.
Can I link a google drive folder?

Sure, best via a PM (private message).

Thanks for the file.
It is quite confusing. This project file has different directory indirections from your previous one.
If you change anything with the project from how it was archived, things can go wrong.
As said, your first project file attempts to find audio files on the directory level of the project file in audio/gig/xxx.wav.
However your new project searches for CLISTERE LIVEEE/audio/gig/xxx.wav.
I suspect you moved the vlprj file outside or copied it from elsewhere. This can’t work.
I created a folder CLISTERE LIVEEE and moved the asset files (audio and video) there, and I could load and play all media files.
Nevertheless, there is a bug in VST Live and it only worked after fixing it. So pls try again with the upcoming version (next week, we hope) and always make sure not to change the directory structure, or move files of an archived project.
Thank you!

I don’t think I moved the vlprj file. Just archived on an external sd drive and tryed to open on the laptop.
Anyway I will will do what you said and confidently wait for the next release.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: