Empty rehearsal mark?

This is probably a rare case - but attached is a dummy score for flute and string quartet, in which the flute part starts with a cadenza with several barlines that are only in the flute part. Then everyone has a regular bar 2 together. When I look at the flute layout, the bar numbers all look correct, but any rehearsal marks are just empty boxes.

I first noticed this in a cello concerto I’m writing, and then I made this attached score to see if I could reproduce this. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

RehearsalMark-test.dorico.zip (1.63 MB)

The rehearsal marks use the bar numbers from the local time signature, I suspect, rather than the global one. You might want to consider using rehearsal letters in this score rather than bar numbers!

I ran across a related issue, and after searching this is the only thread I found about empty rehearsal marks. Here are pictures of the oboe and clarinet parts; I can’t figure out why they are empty in the oboe (and some other) parts, while they appear just fine in the other parts. Any ideas or advice welcome!

This will, I suspect, be caused by using bar numbers for rehearsal marks and where you also have local time signatures. Rehearsal marks and bar numbers in general can only use the global information for time signatures to determine their values.

Thanks! I deleted all the local time signatures, and I’m entering them as text (thanks to your helpful post https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=129485 on entering time signature text as unicode).

All the parts look good now, except oboe and trumpet - I’m not sure why. I also deleted the hidden global time signature at the beginning, and re-entered it. But the oboe and trumpet still have empty rehearsal marks. Also, when I insert a double barline, it appears in the full score on every line except oboe and trumpet.

I’m pretty sure I’ve deleted every local item in the oboe and trumpet - if there is anything I could be missing, I would be interested. If not I can just work around these empty rehearsal marks - thanks again!

What would happen if you created a new Trumpet Player and used the copy filter to copy just the items you see to the new staff?

Success! Thanks Derrek!