Empty single staves

I would like to have 1 empty stave. Detail: I have a piano score and want to arrange some vocal stuff (with pencil). So it would be good to have the vocal staves empty, no rests in it. I know that I can define „end of voice“, but only AFTER the first rest, so al least 1 rest is visable. And I don’t want to make whole bar rests in piano invisible. Any hints?
Thanks, Jürgen

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do… Have you tried the “remove rests” command ? If you remove all rests, the spacing will be awful, so I do not really understand why you refuse to make rests invisible (the best way to keep the layout quite clear, I think).

Marc, “Remove rests” doesn’t work for me on a completely empty staff.

You can select the whole staff and change the color of the rests to transparent. Open the properties window, set the alpha channel of the color property to 0.

Rob is correct, or you can also achieve this by selecting the whole staff (easy way is to select the first bar rest, then Edit>Select To End Of Flow) and set Custom scale to 1.