Empty staff won't hide again

Hello Dorico users
I’m grateful to Leo for sorting out my problem with a staff that wouldn’t hide at the weekend. Unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem again. I have checked “Hide Empty Staves: All Systems” and “Allow Individual Staves to be Hidden” for all parts. I’ve also checked that I’m trying to hide only single players not groups. Here it is, top of the first system…
Example.zip (584 KB)
Still no luck, and I’ve spent an hour on it. Anyone got any ideas?
Is this trouble because it’s imported from .sib?

If it’s an import, chances are you’ve got Explicit Clefs at the beginning of your staves. Simply select them in Write mode (which is not possible when they’re not explicit) and delete them. This should solve your problem.

I don’t have any empty staves displaying here when I open the project, although there are two extra blank pages due to manual overrides. (Red triangles on the thumbnails in the upper right corner) If you remove the manual overrides the pages will disappear. I checked all three layouts and I don’t see anything weird, but I’m also running D3.

Thanks Marc, that was it. Worked like magic.
While we’re on the subject of clefs, is there any way to hide a courtesy clef at the end of one staff, before a clef-change in the next system?

Thanks, Romanos. Marc’s fix worked. Maybe D3 has found a way to deal with explicit clefs automatically.

There’s a workaround for Time Signatures, which is to use the Shift-R popover and Coda… then hide the coda marking in Engrave mode. Not sure it deals with the clefs but it does work for everything else so why not try it?
There’s nothing new on the explicit clefs topic in D3, but hopefully when the team works again on XML export, maybe they will refine some parts of the import as well. Fingers crossed.

You’d need to set the Coda Indent globally to 0, though (Engraving Options > Repeat Structures), which will have an impact if you need genuine codas within this project.

I seem to remember coming up with a different solution a year or two ago. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

Thanks, Marc. That’s quite a workaround. But it works. Looks better now.
Thanks to Romanos too, and Leo for his advice. Yes, I did reduce the Coda indent. But it’s an extra jumped-too verse, and I think the Indent helps.

I thought of a new method, though it’s utterly ridiculous - it works in Dorico 2 and 3. It’ll only work for solo players, not section players, but I’ll share it purely as a curio:

Actually, this seems to be fixed in D3.

Great, this is good news, I admit I had not noticed it (you never notice something that does not disturb you). Thanks for chiming in and congrats to the team!