Empty Stereo Output on Monterey


I tried installing Dorico 4 on my most recent machine running on Monterey 12.6.1. Dorico was never installed on this mac unlike my much older, usual work machine running on 10.14.6 (where Dorico 4 works like a charm).

I only installed 2 things here :
1- Steinberg activation manager (all ok)
2- macOS Dorico Installer (Full/Universal)

Now my issue :
There’s no sound output at all and the stereo output selection stays blank for Built-in Audio Driver.

I tried changing the ASIO Driver and sample rate, no effect. Then I reinstalled Dorico, restarted the computer multiple times, still nothing :frowning:

I attach the diagnostics archive hoping that’s useful.

I wonder if I missed something else during install. Do you have any idea what I did wrong? I couldn’t find any mention of this issue here except for Windows machines…

Thanks !

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (466.8 KB)

In the Device Setup dialog, when you click the Control Panel button a new little window appears. In there, are the outputs enabled? There is a check box, is that ticked?

Thank you so much @Ulf, that was the problem !
I went to the control panel but skimmed through way too fast, to be honest the tick boxes are quite small for me (I have bad eyesight) so I completely missed the fact that outputs were disabled. Good to know ! I have sound now, thanks again !

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