empty template management

It should be cool to be able to manage the empty template :

  • save empty template with our own VST connections and project parameters
  • to be able to remove empty from the list of the templates

You can already do what you are asking for.

Basically when you save a personal template from a project it will save it exactly as how the project is configured (with whatever vst connections and project parameters). The personal template will be found in the “More” tab of the Steinberg Hub. Templates can be renamed or deleted by right clicking on the name.

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I tried to save to empty template it’s not possible and when I right-click on empty template and do remove it has no action …
If you name empty your template it will be added but not replace the existing one.

You can create, name and save as many customized Templates as you want.

However you can’t save any of those to the Empty Template (gotta name it something besides Empty) because that is a special Template for a specific purpose.

The Empty Template is indeed empty
That means it has nothing in it
Not close to nothing, or barely nothing
But really & truly nothing
Not even I/O configuration
Even though you might not realize it, you want this Template to have nothing in it
This is the Template you use when things get royally messed up and you need to start fresh

When discussing Templates I always recommend that in addition to saving it as a Template, also save it as a regular old Cubase .cpr project as an easy to recover backup.

I never knew that about the “Empty” template. Interesting and thanks. :wink:

To the op… why do you want to save/change the “Empty” template to something that’s not empty? Just save what you want as a template with a name that describes what it contains.

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Because I never use empty if each time I have to configure my I/O or the sample rates, I prefer empty to not present in the list if I can’t customize it !

Well, as explained by Raino, you probably don’t want to mess with or delete the empty template (even if you could).

Edit… I just noticed that when I right click on the “Empty” template an option for delete comes up. I’m not going to delete it but… I suppose you can if you want.

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no it doesn’t work