Empty toolbar menu- just starting out

Hi all.
I am a total newbie and am just trying to install and setup Cubase AI 10.
When I open Cubase LE AI 10, I select Create Empty inorder to create a new project and set up my devices, however when the new empty project opens, all the toolbar menu at the top is empty. I click on file and the box that opens is empty same for all the toolbar headings… project, audio, midi, hub, help.
How do I get these back?
Am totally lost.
Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hi and welcome,

You probably mean the menu, right?

It’s a graphical card issue. It was already discussed here on the forum. Please try to install some older driver version of your graphical card.

Thanks Martin. I thought it might be related to the graphics card but couldn’t find any old posts on the issue.
If anyone has a link to previous discussions it would be most appreciated. Thanks again.

Hi ! I fixed this problem on my laptop. The solution is that:
Disable (or uninstall) your ‘newest graphic card driver’ on device manager. And install an older version

Screenshot: Older version of graphic card

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