Empty visibility column crashes Cubase

Sometimes when I load up a project, the left zone (Visibility zone) in the mixer is empty, even though I have loads of tracks in the mixer. So far so good, but as soon as I recall a Workspace - Cubase crashes.

Close the mixer window and THEN recall a Workspace - no crash.

Obviously a bug, but does anyone have a clue to why the Visibility zone would turn up empty in the first place? :question:


It will be interesting to find out, in which circumstates you get an empty visibility tab.

COuld you attach a *.crash file, please?

Sorry for late reply but I have been busy with sessions.

I have attached a .crash file from the latest crash.
Cubase 10_2019-08-28-174505_iMac-MM.crash (289 KB)


Thank you for the crash file. I reported it to Steinberg CAN-24828. Could you provide a project, which opens in this faulty state, please?


Do you still have the issue? Could you please attach a sample project or a project snipped where I could try to reproduce it, please?

Yes, but it happens quite randomly. The same project opens one time without a hassle. Next time - empty Visibility Zone - workspace recall - crash. Would you still like me to attach a file even though it’s not consistent?


Good to know. How often does it happen?

Yes, attach it, please.

I wasn’t able to attach it but I have sent it to you directly.