Empty VST3 Presets Folder?

There’s a folder that Dorico has created in my documents called ‘VST3 Presets’. Inside that is a folder called ‘Steinberg Media Technologies’, and inside that is a HALion Sonic SE folder, which is empty. Whilst it’s not doing anything wrong as such, I do object slightly to having an empty folder cluttering up my documents. Does the folder serve a function, and is there a way to permanently delete or move it?

If you create own presets in HALion Sonic SE, then they will be stored in that location.
You can delete that folder, but it will get probably recreated, if not during the next run, but latest if you save an own preset.

Yes, after deleting the folder it reappears when I next open Dorico. Can I permenantly change its location?

Sorry, no.