Empty wavs - Intermittent bug

Thanks for the excellent updates!

Unfortunately, I have encountered a bug:

Sometimes when opening a project some audio is missing. Exiting Cubasis and restarting resolves this issue.

I’m using the M1 iPad Pro and iOS 15.3.1

Thanks Chris

Hi @i_eat_drums,

Thank you for your kind message and report.
We are glad to read that you seem to enjoy using the update so far!

It would be of great help to see a reproducible pattern, that leads to those empty audio events. Did you do some specific steps here leading to that issue?

Will share this with the team…

Thanks again
& stay safe,

I saw the same issue yesterday when freezing midi tracks . I freez em and the rendered file showed up that way many times consecutively. I deleted the files and did the freez again successfully.

So far this issue has occurred randomly 3 times in around 15 hours of use. I haven’t found a pattern or way to reproduce it. If I do I’ll certainly post the info.

Thanks again.

Hi @i_eat_drums,

Thanks again!

Would be great to have any kind of additional info here, which helps to reproduce the issue at our end.

& stay safe,