Here is a recent art piece in support of a new sculpted public art installation in Winnipeg, Canada called EmptyFull. It has some interesting moments including found TV themes.


Love the eastern flavor in this track and it’s a nice arrangement…could do with a melody over the top and at around 3.20 it seems to lose momentum so I reckon that’s where you should think about ending it, I always try and keep my stuff to less than 3.30 preferably nearer 3…better to have someone surprised that it’s finished than wondering when it’s gonna end…but it’s good work !! sounds like it belongs in a movie ( up to 3.20 that is ) , cheers,Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback, prescient and greatly appreciated!!

I certainly agree it is too long which is a testament to laziness/attention deficit on my part. While there are subtle timbre and dynamics changes in the B section (octaves and pianissimo 5ths on the Celli plus Xylophone counter-subject) there isn’t enough there to carry the thing through two complete iterations based on the original subject. Thefake-out was to introduce both melodic themes in the B section as a faux- fugue which is OK but, as you rightfully point out, things go south quickly after that.

Thanks again for commenting!!