EMU 0404 PCI card "stuttering" recording

I have an EMU 0404 PCI soundcard. Playback is absolutely fine, but for some reason, when I record with it, the signal stutters like funk soul brother! When I bring up the wav file, you can see the gaps. Not sure if/how this can be fixed?
I’m using Win 7/64 and cubase 5.

I’ve read elsewhere increasing the latency can help, but I’ve tried changing it to all sorts, but nothing I do will fix it.

Anyone else got one of these and maybe know a fix?


Did emu ever do the 64 bit drivers? Last i remember Creative (Sound Blaster) killed EMU which was a huge shame.

The card is end of life, but there is still a download option for windows 7 64 bit. It’s the PCI-e version by the way, I should have said that.

I did manage to get it working briefly, I went into BIOS and disabled the onboard sound on the motherboard and reinstalled the EMU, loaded Cubase and recorded a vocal track with no problems.
Just went to record a guitar track and the stuttering/skipping is back and I can’t solve it no matter what I do with the buffer settings. I’m stumped, maybe time to just rob the piggy bank and get something that will definitely work.

I got a lovely Soundscape Mixtreme 192, but that will only work with XP/32, which I still have loaded on one of the drives, I wish that could work with Win7, but it’s very old. I can load up XP now and record away all day & night with no problems, but the RAM limit for plugins forced me to Win7/64. Since then, I just been trouble shooting and made 0 music :frowning:

I loved my Emu 0404 card. I managed to get a lot of the sound libraries for it. I will never buy a Creative product for what they did to this once mighty brand. The merge between EMU and Soundblaster should of been a huge thing in the industry. They were more bothered about mic head sets and other markets.

Since then, I just been trouble shooting and made 0 music

I think I enjoy the ‘figuring out how things work’ more than making music, easily spend more time doing it.