Emulating a Y2K production environment (digitally and of course Cubase centric)

Seasons greetings fellow Cubase users ! Doing a little vocal recording this Christmas eve in Cubase and the forum sprang to mind during in a little break.

I produced a piece of music recently that served as a nice basis for a lengthy and image rich article. (which of course includes the track I made) The article is about emulating some signal paths of the well used “project studio mixing desk” in the early 2000’s along with period synthesis, mixing style and mastering. I hope it is of some interest to you :



I dialled it back another decade, the time machine lands in 1989, there is even some German language in this one as it fitted the style. (Tech Trance/proto Goa track with an Electro/Synthwave flavour) Full production details and the actual track included…

“Tanzen in Raum und Zeit !”

While I am here I thought I would share this. This time I made an entire track from Rob Papens Albino 3 Legend synth (an old classic VSTi that was re-released) in my spare time…there is a little back story to it and I thought I would make up for lost time, in Cubase of course, produced in Cubase 9.0.2.