en diminuant - hiding (Gradual) Dynamics [solved]

Hello, I tried to input « en diminuant » into my score, getting no proper results with the different kinds of diminuendo Properties. At the end I gave up and used Shift+X and input it as a text object. Should I have switched Dorico to French as application language?
Merci and thank you for help.

I would use the hide property of a dim. and add en diminuant as a prefix or a suffix…

Thank you Marc,

there is the problem that (Gradual) dynamics do not have a property to be hidden, or at least I can’t find it:

ok, finally I found a workaround
I set the Gradual style to Hairpin, set the Hairpin open aperture to 0 Spaces and the Hairpin thickness to 0 Spaces, too:
cumbersome (?)

Dynamics DO HAVE a property to be hidden (I use it all the time), not gradual dynamics, sorry for misleading you… The problem is Dorico will not play it correctly, but it is really fast as a workaround.

ah super, yes of course, just a regular dynamic!
Less complicated than I thought…
I don’t care about the playback here, so problem solved (-: