Enable all disabled plugins on the insert with one click

Hello, Currently we can only enable bypassed plugins but there is no option to enable all plugins if they were disabled so the option to enable all disabled plugins would be useful.

I’m sorry, but I have to chime in.
The same criticism as the last time. Your wording isn’t that clear.

A bypassed plugin is not disabled. It is up to the plugin vendor how the bypass is implemented.
So it fundamentally differs from deactivation.
A deactivated plugin is completely shut down, and to enable it, the engine has to calculate the delay compensation again. That’s why it is not possible at the moment to enable all plugins in one go.

But I agree, even with the drawbacks in mind, it would be helpful to be able to disable and to enable more than one plugin at once. Most people wouldn’t care about the short dropout that will occur.

I fail to see the correlation. Why shouldn’t Cubase be able to re-calculate delay compensation on multiple plugins if that’s needed?

The solution to that is a gapless playback engine, but that’s a different topic all together.

I’m just saying like it is at the moment.

He is just here to troll my posts he did exactly the same when I posted about direct routing my feature request has been flagged ever since. And I have been blamed to be arrogant in the whole topic by moderator.

I actually found their post rather clear this time:
We can already bypass an entire section of plugins and un-bypass them.
Would be nice to be able to disable an entire section and re-enable them.

I was searching for that feature myself the other day.