enable/disable and render IP workflow Question

I know there have been reports about it already. But what i am looking for at the moment is if anyone has a workaround for it untill it gets fixed.

–) my template with disabled tracks is finished. More or less 1000 tracks are being parked this way. They are used as main source for my project.
–) i started my first project with this setting, and everything went ok. Let’s say an intro with 10 tracks or so, all rendered to wave. And I did change the render settings after a while, because the render setup was first only track, and i switched it to full signal path. I removed the tracks that were rendered with the “only track” settings.
–) no problems, no faulty behaviour or anything like that during the time i worked on the project.

–) then, i wanted to save the project, because i have to make supper…

result: fwiet boem… crash… no warning, no poppup, no log, nothing… just a complete shutdown of cubase.

–) When i look at the temporary project folder that was made, i see that the rendered files for the “only track” are still there. Everything that was afterwards rendered with the full signal path is also there, but at 0 bytes. The CPR is nowhere to find. I do not have the autosave function enabled.

So what it looks like is that when you save a project with this kind of workflow, nothing has been saved what was present in the CPR. What was removed is still there…

I have spend quite a lot of time in preparing this as a new workflow, but this kind of error is quite substantial.
Anyone has a way around on working with the above mentioned workflow that makes it possible to save a project ?
I would be glad if you want to give me your workaround.

My project settings are nothing fancy. 48khz 24 bit and the system was not in trouble with asio at any time.
And no Vienna, nothing special, but yes a bit of automation was recorded on the disabled tracks too i must admit.
But they were disabled after rendering, and adding automation i guess should be possible…
The rendering of all the tracks also went without any problem during the time i was int the project.

edit: if someone wants or needs to peek in the template if necessary. No problem. Just PM. But beware there are quite a few plugs (disabled status) that you would need if you actually would want to use it. So i guess it is only usefull for SB or other type of people who are able to peek into it without troubles.
Also: the plugins i have been using, they all work perfect in cubase 8.05.
When i open the project, i have no errors or messages at all. Everything seems fine.
But saving the CPR with rendered data is not possible it seems.

That reminds me to some things years ago, and i wonder if security in V8 has been redesigned.
Since the call i make for the program to do a save is not that difficult, but the reaction of the program, even without anything going wrong, is very clear.

Tx in advance!

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Next episode in the sage.

Today i did everything over again and it went perfectly. No problems at all. Everything was saved and it’s all working 100%.
The only thing i changed was that i equalled the rendered wave-files to the same bit size as the rest of the project. Actually, it is a bit strange that the standard render in place setting has a different bit size then the project. Probably this affects the normal working of the program…

Anyone who does this without problems ?

edit: for if some of the devs might read this: for me it is a bit weird that we are actually able to change things like a bit setting in the render in place window. Since the rendered files are placed in the pool, isn’t it ovious that those renderings should have the same settings as the project tot be alligned with the rest of the project ? It is not export after all but a render ? Or should it be possible to have a different bit setting for the rendering and are the rendered waves normally alligned/converted with/to the project settings ?

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