Enable/Disable Selected Tracks

Complete the singular “Disable Track” and “Enable Track” feature by adding a “Disable Selected Tracks” and “Disable Selected Tracks.”

Also, these would get added to the Project menu which would have the desired side-effect of exposing them to surface controllers.

This feature idea was actually spawned from my desire to map “Enable Track” to a button on my QC controller. I was sad to learn it’s about the only Cubase feature in this category not exposed via the Project menu yet.

At the moment there is a glitch in Cubase 7.5 where hidden tracks can accidentally get unmuted using the unmute all button above the track list.

I’m also getting a lot of delay whilst using my MIDI controller to play VSTi’s. This probably has something to do with all the hidden tracks I have muted due to not wanting to delete the track entirely because I have a perfect setup sound and there is automation which I can not save elsewhere.

If there was a way to unload the track (save its state) and load it back up when I need it that would be amazing without physically deleting the track.