I am using the AI7 that came via the Steinberg UR22 and when I right click on a track in the project window there is no option to enable or disable the track. Surely this is available even in this version…yes?

Well, let’ s see there is no option, so quite obviously it is not abailable then…

I assume you mean audio track? If it’s not there, it’s not available. MIDI tracks do not have this functionality in any version.


Not all of the right click functions are the same in 7 but some are found via alternative function. So I was hoping this might be the case with enable/disable. Since enable/disable is to me a very basic track function I cannot see how they could not include it…as I said, even in the AI version.

Are you right clicking on the actual track, or the corresponding part (where the track name and number appear), in the Inspector?


Disable/enable is available just as they have always been - that hasn’t changed. Curious to see tho, if you are clicking right on the track as Mauri asked.