Enable independent voice playback in Dorico Elements 4

In Play mode on Elements 3.5 I am able to set “enable independent voice playback” so I can use organ registration in different voices. I am unable to find the setting in Elements 4. Everything plays correctly and shows in the mixer when I import a 3.5 score. I am using NotePerformer. Where do I find the setting in 4?

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Welcome to the forum, @YevK. You will find the setting labeled as Turn on IRV in the Routing section of the track inspector in Play mode.

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Got it. Works perfectly. Thank you.
Getting to know the new Play Mode and I like it. Congratulation to team.

Thank you for the answer. I struggle with that too. I am also looking for Enabling independent voice playback. But when I enable IRV I only see: “For this flow only” and “for all flows” … Where am I wrong …
Many thanks in advance