Enable Instrument Track: Input Routing not connected.

When I enable disabled Instrument Tracks, the Input Routings are always set to Not Connected.
I have to reset every input to All Midi Inputs.
Why is that?
Is it technically impossible to remember the routings or is it a bug which will be resolved in an update?

This has been “sort of” fixed in 8.0.10.

If you disable then re-enable instrument tracks while the project is still open it remembers input routing.

If you disable tracks, save & close the project, re-open the project, and re-enable the tracks, they are reset back to “Not Connected.”

I’d like to see tracks remember input routing as part of the project file in a future Cubase update.

Indeed, that’s what I meant actually.

Also ennoying: Click output is set to “Not Connected” after restarting the program, when it was assigned to an instrument. When assigned to a MIDI port, it is remembered though.
Are these things already recognized as bugs, or should we make an issue report?

There’s been reports for this issue but never hurts to make more. The more the reports, the sooner they’re likely to address it.