enable monitors

my monitor appears to operating independently of my monitor enable button and i seem to have a hard time starting recording we get a feed we lose a feed we get it back we lose it again we are a fun band not having much fun :confused:

I am not sure what your Problem is. Can you explain a Little bit more preceisely, what you are doing and what does not work?

If it is about the monitor-button (the brownish one): Look for tape-machine-style in the program preferences. If you enable this, the Monitor button for Audio tracks will do the following: Let the Input through when recording, let the Input trough in stop mode, Play the track conent and not let the Input through when in “Play” mode.

This does not apply to midi tracks btw.The logic for “through” is different there.

Cheers, Ernst

Are you using the ASIO driver for your Interface?
The monitor button can only control the physical monitors if the interface your using supports this function in the ASIO driver.
You really don’t provide much information for people to help you. :wink:

Hi, I dont want to say something wrong, but BriHar pointed you into a possibly wrong direction. :wink:

In principle the Monitor button ALWAYS has a function: when “lit” it indicates that the Signal on the Input is routed trough to the track Output. If not lit, this is NOT done. So the button “decides” whether you are able to listen to the Signal Input via the track Output. The hint from Brihar is still interresting but only if you use ASIO direct Monitoring (see Manual for this).

You’re quite right, my remarks are specifically directed at ASIO direct monitoring, hence the initial question in my post. Sorry if this caused any confusion.