Enable Q-Link by default

Every time I open a project, I go to the mixer window and enable Q-Link. Whenever I open a project or restart Cubase and forget to set Q-Link to ON, I get frustrated to find that the changes I made are not reflected in all the selected tracks. Then, I open the mixer and turn Q-Link on.

I was surprised to learn that some people are okay with Q-Link being off by default and resetting to off every time Cubase is opened, instead of it retaining its last state.

Could we either have Q-Link remain in the last state it was set to, or at least have a preference to set Q-Link ON by default, please? I’ve been setting Q-Link ON for ages and can’t remember a time when I wanted it to be OFF.


What are you working on that requires all of your tracks to be identical? If you’re working in this way, wouldn’t you get more mileage out of setting up link groups?

The purpose of Quick Link (Q-Link) for me has always been just a quick, temporary link when some common changes are needed before unlinking again.

Different people have different workflows. If you’re used to having Q-Link always enabled, selecting more than one channel will allow you to change parameters on those simultaneously without the need of activating Q-Link beforehand. One could argue, when do you have multiple channels selected and only want to change a parameter on one of them? Just a different way of thinking.

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good one.

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I get that, but don’t you run the risk of potentially making errors working with Q-Link permanently enabled? (i.e. making changes to a channel you didn’t realise was selected, especially on a larger session when not all channels are visible.)

Perhaps. Or perhaps not if you’re used to working that way. I wouldn’t personally like to have it always on, but I can definitely see a benefit.

Well Studio One automatically does the quick-link behavior as soon as multiple tracks are selected. No button to toggle. Not sure I necessarily like that and prefer the choice, but there are times I just want to work that way and having the choice to have it start as default link on has merit. Also another annoying behavior in Cubase in general is how you have to have a particular window in the foreground for a key command to work. And here is an example. I am thinking having a checkbox for key commands where a user can choose whether it would work globally or only when a specific window is in the foreground. Q-Link button in the mixconsole is such an example. It takes two moves to toggle the button when using a keycommand when you are not already focused on the mixconsole. Might seem like no big deal but this small workflow hiccups add up quick when working for hours at a time. YMMV

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It should be at least saved with the project or template.

Just like all other states.

Why wouldn’t it be saved? Every time you open a project, even an existing one with Q-link enabled, it will start off as inactive.


A little OT, but I do agree. It bothered me to the point that for some key commands, I am using AHK as an intermediate step to check what the active window is and switch if needed before sending the key strokes to Cubase. Although it works fine, it feels like a really dumb workaround.

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That’s not a solution, man. I utilize link in my template, it’s a handy feature, but different from Q-Link. The thing is, when I want to “temporally link something for common changes”, at that time I already do select several tracks where I want those changes to happen. Q-Link just adds a little extra step always.

True. The purpose of my post is to remind that there are Cubase/Nuendo users who are still struggling with how Q-Link resets itself. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the minority here.

Moreover, it should be a very easy fix. If they, they don’t want to “clutter” the preferences by adding a check for the default Q-Link state, it’s at least logical to make it retain the last Q-Link state on restart. I really hope for a small update.

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You can Shift+Alt/Opt to temporarily link channels. That’s another option.

Yes, I’m aware of this, but I can’t justify using an unnecessary shortcut where I have to sacrifice convenience for no reason.

Cool. I get it. I guess just conceptually it’s not Quick Link anymore. A preference to ‘enable automatic channel linking’ sounds like it would work well.

I generally prefer it off by default as it’s a pretty easy add but yes, If the project remembered it when saved, I would quit like that too.