Enable VSTI to record Audio for MASCHINE SAMPLING

Hey Steinberg or those in the know !!

Any chance that Sampling / Audio In will ever work on a VSTi input ? in this case for NI Maschine ?

Its such a work flow killer currently, having to have Maschine open in two places -
One as a VSTi for Midi Control Playback and integration, and then a random fake audio channel with Maschine as an FX Insert to be able to record samples? Once you have your sample(s) you then need to save them and then re-open it in the VSTi loaded version of Maschine should you wish to play them via Midi etc its a bit of a pain.

Is there some technical reason that this will never work ? seems odd to me… on the NI Forums they are saying this is a Cubase DAW Issue only ? Other DAWS it works as it should apparently?

Anyhow be nice Steinberg and add this to the “To-Do” list