enabled VSTi track no sound but sounds on solo!

Large Template:

Enabled disabled Kontakt track.
Midi notes entered on track
No sound in full mix playback (or when ‘Listen’ engaged)
Soloing the track makes it audible!!!

Happened a few times this week.

Note: mute is not engaged for track but engaging and disengaging fixes issue.


Just to be sure, when this happens, could you try to click to the Deactivate All Mute States on the top of the Project window?

When this happens, can you see incoming signal in Kontakt? Cn you see outgoing signal in Kontakt?

HI Martin

Yes Kontakt shows output signal.

Deactivate all solo states fixes it (its a solo thing!)

Example: disable a track that is set to solo, re-enable it (it is still soloed)…no sound. Click deactivate solo states and works correctly.

If you do disable/enable muted track it does not have the issue. MUTE STATE IS NOT SAVED WITH DISABLED track, Solo state is saved with track but results in the above outcome.

Not a huge issue by any stretch.


Reported to Steinberg CAN-23392.