Enabling NEK

Excuse me if this has been covered, but no searches are revealing the answer I seek:

I purchased (upgrade) to N6 plus NEK last summer, and MY STEINBERG and eLicenser pages show an NEK activation at that time.

When I try to use NEK features, Groove Agent and most of the other devices appear nowhere. I can only see the 3 basic synths. I see no way to download NEK, and Steinberg is replying to my support query that NEK exists on my DVD, and that I have a permanent license…having downloaded the upgrade, however, I have no DVD.

Thinking that perhaps I had not really purchased NEK at that time, I purchased again, but am loath to enter the new activation code and waste the money without figuring out how to activate my current, supposedly already activated version. When I load the program, it always says Nuendo-NEK (6.06 at this time).

Any thoughts about how to get my NEK (now twice paid for, apparently) working?

This is strange one…Not sure where to start.

You haven’t mentioned the elicenser.
Download the latest eLicenser software here:

Install it and let it do the maintenance routine.
Check to see if your licenses are correct and current.

Once that is all good, go back to Nuendo and see what you get.
If your instruments still aren’t showing up, contact support.

ELicenser is all good, NEK clearly activated last year, etc…and I redid the maintenance, as you suggest.

I have contacted support. They did eventually respond, and after the initial back and forth (all of this took several days, unfortunately), they seem ready to set up a phone call and do a remote desktop session to get it straight.

Since there is no way apparently to simply redownload the NEK and go through the activation process again, the whole situation is muddied considerably. I had, thinking that somehow I had not really gotten a full license last year, gone ahead and purchased what turned out to be a second license (with a different activation number than the one listed on my eLicenser page), but had no way to reload NEK to make this one work, either.

I imagine this will all be settled by sometime Monday. I will post the results here to update folks.

geezer - I might be wrong but I think NEK is already built into Nuendo and just needs to be activated, so no additional download other than the license to your elicenser. If the license is seen then the additional bits become active.

That is correct.


There is a way to make sure you have the NEK activated: make a MIDI track, put in some notes, and try to open the track in the score editor. If the score editor opens and you can see and edit your notes, you definitely have NEK activated.

Having said that, the problem of N6 not showing certain NEK VSTi plugins has been discussed in this forum. Sorry I can’t show you the way, but I’ve experienced the same problem although I never cared to fix it simply because I don’t use such plugins. So try not to get frustrated. The support will show you how. It is hopefully an easy fix.

Good luck.

Thanks, all. I will, hopefully, be having a remote desktop session with Support sometime tomorrow, and will report back in afterwards.

I jumped back in to Nuendo after a long dormant period after seeing two fabulous demos by Greg Ondo that got my attention(I generally record on recorders and mix on mixers and use my DAWs for editing and mastering)(I had originally bought Nuendo 1.X way back in the stone age because of its fluidity for working with some video sound track projects I had at the time, and its conversion tools via OMF and Tascam MX2424 formats). A significant part of what interested me anew had to do with tempo map manipulation and drum creation and replacement, some of which relies heavily on NEK (Groove Agent) for easy, speedy operation.

I have a major label project I am consulting on that could possibly make use of these operations. The tempo map creation functions and manipulations have proved to be as speedy, intuitive and accurate for me as they were when Greg demoed them, but I have no access to any of the NEK drum, looping or mashup tools that I think will help me with this project…yet.

I will post as soon as Support gets me what I need.

…Just to be clear, some of the NEK functions are certainly there, and I loaded in some MIDI files from the project arranger today, and did, indeed, open up the score pages immediately. The drum mapping page exists as well, but three fourths of the VST devices, including all of the ones I need, do not seem to exist anywhere.

Support does seem to be forthcoming, but is very, very slow. Email replies seem to always take at least a day and a half, and I have had responses from two different people, which is further muddying the waters. I THINK I will be having a 3pm Eastern remote desktop session today, but I did not get a confirmation reply when I okayed that timing yesterday.

Will report back in with details should there be a resolution.

Almost fully resolved:

Had the quick remote desktop session, then was linked to a full download for a full install .iso image…something like 7 gigs. Took a long time on my connection. Once downloaded, there was no way to unzip or store successfully for use without printing it to, minimally, a double layer DVD…none of which I currently had in stock…But did manage to burn it to a BluRay, which I do currently have a few of.

At that point, all the appropriate files/folders appeared. I should be able to essentially re-install NEK as soon as I can go back fresh to the office.

It seems there is no way to download or install NEK without having the full package in hand.

The saga continues…

After working a couple of long days at my temp job at NPR, I began the process today of installing, uninstalling, then re-installing all the VST Instrument elements inside the Additional Content folder in the NEK Installer folder.

This result in the appearance of all of the synths EXCEPT for Groove Agent One and Loop Masher, which are really the only tools I am looking for!..I certainly did the whole Install, Uninstall, Install routine for all elements of both tools.

Support has been emailed again…just trying to figure out how I can get this done today when I have the time…Yikes.

Any suggestions out there while I am waiting?

More resolution:

Got tired of waiting for a response and did a fresh NEK install from the BluRay disc I had made from the .iso that Support had given me. Groove Agent One and Loop Masher now appear, along with all the other VST Insturments.

There is something odd about HalionSE needing some files for update, but I assume that can be taken care of eventually, and the synth appears and is apparently usable.

Too frustrated to dive into full usage today, but have all day tomorrow to do that.

So…success…Don’t know if I could have just done a fresh install or whether all the Install, Uninstall, then Re-Install of the individual elements was really necessary prior to the fresh install…but, in the end, it worked.