Enabling Record on a single channel of a VCA Grp . . .

. . .from the Mix Console cannot be done.
All channels of that VCA Group go into record.

You can only do it from the Project Window.

Try it.
Am I missing something?

I have been complaining about this Multi-Select thing with a VCA group for a number of reasons mostly affecting my use of the MCU (which cannot do it either).

Complained about it here: VCA Fader Forces Group Selection only . . - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

But this is something that will effect everybody.

Please tell me I’m doing something wrong.


Yeah, it’s lame that it defaults to almost-total Q-Link for VCA faders.

Just right-click and deselect all the parameters you don’t want linked. Or use the first right-click option when creating VCA to uncheck Q-Link parameters

No. I do not have any link functions checked - other than Use VCA Fader".

What am I missing?


Whoa. Weird! I’m gonna try to replicate later.


Anyone else reading this that could take one sec to try it would be appreciated.

Just add a VCA fader to a few audio tracks and then try using the “R” button in the Mix Console to enter record on just ONE of those tracks . . .

Does it work?


Yep! Replicated. You can only arm one track by holding the link-defeat modifier (alt/opt for me).

Don’t know that this is an issue, per se. Would be handy if you were recording, say, a drum kit, or anything with multiple inputs/mics (e.g., guitar amp and DI). Then just hit “R” with alt if you want to record one track.

Ah! Thank you!

I had forgotten about the Alt key Link Suspension thing.
The Alt key also allows me to “Select” a single channel of a group on my MCUs.
Still a pain having to press a modifier key AND the Mackie but, hey, it works.

Oddly, it does not suspend the VCA Linking.
i mean, why make the VCA feature any part of the “Link” function at all?
It’s a different feature.

Thanks for checking it out.


No assignable extra buttons on the Mackie?

Oddly, it does not suspend the VCA Linking.

I don’t see that as odd, because there’s no reason to suspend the VCA. If you want to move a single fader, use the ALT when moving fader;)

i mean, why make the VCA feature any part of the “Link” function at all?

I suspect it was the only way to code it reasonably and reliably.
I used VCAs in Pro Tools quite a bit, but that was years ago… Don’t remember if they acted all “linked” like this… I don’t think so.

It’s a different feature.

Agreed. I think they need to make it so we can unlink whatever we want, and faders should not get link-selected like that.

Thanks for checking it out.

A pleasure! Hitting that Thanks button is reward enough! (I hear if you get 1000 Thanks, Steiny will give you a seat at the next Bilderberger conference) :wink: